Starting and running a business is both exciting and daunting, believe me, I know!

My speciality is working with Entrepreneurs on the operational aspects of their businesses and ensuring that their operations are delivering the organisations strategy and vision. 

Having the right operating structure in place enables effective delivery and ultimately growth. 

As an Entrepreneur, the number of hats you wear only increases which can naturally lead to not doing things the way you originally planned to deliver your vision. 

That's where I come in, I will help you structure a path for your business and help you connect the dots that lead to the success you’re after. 

Together we will reach for the moon!


Area's within your business I can work with you on

A bit about me


I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to the UK when I was 17. I’ve since lived and worked in the USA and was lucky enough to spend 2 years in Oman!

I'm now settled back in the UK with my amazing husband, who is also an entrepreneur! We enjoy travelling and are nuts about fitness!

A healthy body is a healthy mind! :)

Over the years I have built up my skill set and experience by working as the Head of Operations for a number of high-profile clients, running my own Virtual Assistant business and spending 13 years in various corporate offices as an Executive Assistant for high-level executives. 

This has allowed me to support Entrepreneurs, start-ups and micro-businesses get structured, organised and to deliver!

Values to live by...

Structure & Clarity

Structure & Clarity

Structure & Clarity

I live and breathe structure and clarity! They are two things that I focus on both in my personal life and in my business. 

In my world having structure creates clarity and enables me to be more productive and efficient; it's very much a skill! 

You might be someone who needs the above but doesn't find it easy, that's ok because that's where I come in. I will work with you to bring more structure into your daily operations. Embracing even just a bit of structure will help you more than you may realise, creating clarity and focus on key activities in your business. Pretty soon you'll be more productive, always ticking your tasks off, moving that needle and making progress.

Confidence & Belief

Structure & Clarity

Structure & Clarity

Believing in yourself creates confidence in who you are, what you do, your business and what you know you can do for others! When you believe in yourself you will make amazing things happen in your life and in your business! We all know that business comes with its highs and lows but being able to have the right mindset is key to overcoming the obstacles and importantly directly affects those in your team! 

I will help you to find that belief, that confidence and wear it every day like your favourite pair of shoes!  For the days when you are struggling, you have me there to help you, remind you what an amazing job you're doing and get you back on track!

Honesty & Integrity

Structure & Clarity

Honesty & Integrity

When we build our businesses we build them on core foundations that we expect to embody this philosophy at all times. Trust and integrity are two of these core foundations and it’s critical that the people in our teams are a part of this culture and help drive it by understanding that it’s an essential part of how the business operates. Trust and integrity determine the sincerity of the relationships that you build with your audience, partners and most importantly your customers! The above is very much in line with how I run my business which means that you’ll always have someone onside working with you ensuring it’s continually prevalent in yours.

Honesty & Integrity


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Helpful Freebies

Business Foundations Checklist

Business Foundations Checklist

Business Foundations Checklist


This checklist is to help entrepreneurs do a review of where they are in their business and check that 5 key areas haven't been forgotten about along their entrepreneurial journey.

5 Steps To Setup Your Business

Business Foundations Checklist

Business Foundations Checklist


Getting started with a business can be confusing with knowing where to start, that's where this setup guide comes in. It walks you through the first 5 steps to getting yourself set up!

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